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Creating quality 3D models is easier than you think


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Silo 2 is a 3D modeling tool that lets you both create polygonal models for videogames and movies, with lots of details and thousands of facets, and quickly explore any architectural idea in three dimensions.

The first thing about Silo 2 that grabs your attention is the work space that it offers its users: clean and free of unnecessary distractions, but with all of the features that anyone, from a professional to a student, might need.

The program is capable of importing and exporting any file in .sia, .sib, .obj, .3ds, .dxf, and .fac formats, and it can also export .stl, .pov, y .rib file formats. You can work comfortably with all of these file formats, saving any progress you make and exporting later.

In terms of editing, Silo 2 offers a wide array of tools, such as Break, Tweak, Cut, Bevel, Slide, Scale, Extrude, Polygon o Edge. You can also 'undo' undo as many actions as you wish, which allows you to return to any previous stage of a project.

Silo 2 is a 3D modeling tool that offers its users everything a good program should: an accessible interface and lots of great options.

30 day trial limit.

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